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Goodbye 2020!

Twenty-twenty ends in a couple of days and everyone I listen to, from talking-heads on TV to the neighbors next door, have hopes for a better year in 2021.  Certainly, I am hoping that vaccine distribution improves so that we can get back to normal and visit children and grandchildren whom we haven’t seen for almost twelve months. And, if the vaccine is as good as the reports suggest then maybe we will be able to visit friends and relations in UK later in the year and perhaps in 2022 have that vacation in Norway that Covid cancelled this year.  But that is future: this week is my time to review the photos I took in 2020 photos and set up the organization for 2021.

Organization is quick and straightforward and consists of changing the copyright year recorded by the camera each time the shutter is depressed, making a similar change to the metadata in Lightroom so that it is included in every JPG file produced and defining the outline directory structure for all those masterpieces that are still to be captured.  The review of 2020’s photographs is somewhat depressing.  Each year I select about twenty images from the photos taken in the previous year and these form the basis for the screensaver slide-show on my laptop.  Usually, the selection includes portraits of my three grandchildren, some memories from vacations trips, records of the changing seasons and a few sunrise and sunsets shots taken around Galveston.  There are large holes in the subject matter this year and those holes will continue to be evident throughout the coming year each time that the screensaver kicks in.  C’est la vie!

But the future is already beginning to look brighter.  Texas has set priorities for Covid-19 vaccinations and folks older than 65 are now in priority 1b, instead of older than 75 like other parts of the country.  Given that we don’t hit 75 until May we have registered and are now keeping our fingers crossed that we get notified soon.  Until then, it is masks and social distancing as usual.

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