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Shrimp Boat on LA bayou.
Louisiana shrimper on a backwater bayou south of Lake Charles

There are times when a quick post on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t give enough space to express what is really going on in your mind, or when the fixed formats don’t display photographs adequately. For those times, a personal blog is the answer. Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy the photographs on display and if you read any of the articles, I hope they stimulate your thoughts – positively or negatively!

I developed this site using WordPress. It makes a lot of the basic web-work, content filing, sorting and search functions easier but also adds some constraints. Among those is the inability to have two separate blog/content themes: something I wanted from the start as my goal was a blog and separate image galleries. The solution I adopted is a bit of a kludge. I have two top categories – Journal and Gallery and have a menu that displays both. Now, I need to make sure that each blog entry has the category “Journal” and each monthly gallery has the category “Gallery” and WordPress puts them in the correct place.  This way, WordPress does the filing and provides the search engine and the theme handles the display. Well, that’s the theory!

Drop me a private note from the Contact page if you want to respond, or just add a comment to an article and express your thoughts publicly.

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