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  • Biography:

    A biography takes a little time to write (and usually only mothers are really interested). Check back later - maybe vanity will win and I will add something here.


    Regardless of the camera used, most photographs on this site are resized to a maximum of about 2,000 pixels wide. That makes them small enough to load quickly but large enough to show details. The digital images were largely taken between about 2000 and today. The scans are from slides taken from the 60s through the 80s while those from the family album reach back to the turn of the 20th century.

    I stay with Pentax cameras because they maintain compatibility with millions of older Pentax lenses. My camera bag includes the DA18-55mm f3.5-4.6 kit lens, the FA31mm and FA77mm LTDs; manual focus KA50mm f1.7, M135mm f/3.5, M200mm f/4.0 and M300 f/4.0 (relics from the late 70s); and Sigma's 105mm f/2.8 macro. Any flash photos are likely to be taken with the Pentax 540FGZ or with the Lumopro LP 180 that replaced the Pentax flash after the latter fell on stony groung. I generally shoot RAW (DNG format for wider compatibility) and use Adobe's Lightroom to process and manage my photographs. Lightroom combines organizing and editing power with ease of use and makes post-processing part of the fun and not a drudge.

    This Site:

    The web pages were generated using templates available from HTML 5UP and the galleries are Lightroom web modules created by Matthew Campagna at The Turning Gate (TTG). Both are very flexible and provide a wealth of options allowing non-technical folks like me to create a stylish websites and displays. I claim the copyright for all the images. If you would like a copy of any image for your use just contact me. If it is for personal or non-profit use I am sure we can quickly agree a simple license that keeps things legal. If it is to hang on the wall then you really should print from a full file. Again, I am sure we can reach an equitable arrangement.