Inch Abbey

Cistercian monastery near Downpatrick, Northern Ireland (more)

Donaghadee Lifeboat

The RNLI lifeboat in Danaghadee harbour (more)

Power and Industry - Secunda

Morning mists flying to Mozambique (more)

Texas heritage - still pumping

Production near Houston (more)

Sailing in NY Harbour

Off Manhattan on the way to Ellis Island (more)

Cool Jazz in Milan

who needs an audience . . (more)

Morning Freight through Santa Fe

Heading out of Galveston (more)


"A penny for your thoughts" (more)

Setting up the stall

Jewellery Vendor - Herzliya Market - Israel (more)


Looking for the sun (more)

Lying low

and avoiding the predators (more)

Singapore days gone by

A working river (more)

Tree frog

"it is cold and clammy (more)

Sea Oats

Here today - maybe not tomorrow (more)

We regret to inform you . . .

That flight . . . (more)

Idle Rigs

Sunset in Galveston Harbour (more)

Spring visitors

At San Luis Pass near Galveston (more)