On the way to Ellis Island

New York has never held any fascination for me but living in Washington Crossing, PA for many years enabled us to visit the Statue of Liberty and we flew out of JFK on many occasions. Even so, it was only when relatives visited from England that we made an effort and spent several days seeing the sights of NY. The highlight of that trip was a visit to Ellis Island.

Like most people I had heard about this gateway for so many immigrants and I had the impression that it was a dread place where the objective of the custodians was to keep people out. Instead, I discovered an institution where very, very few people were turned away and where those in charge seemed to make every effort to help the new arrivals to succeed. Sadly, in 2016, the doorway to the US is not as welcoming.

This sailing ship making was another surprise . . . . a relic of days gone by fully functional in one of the most modern cities in the US. We passed it en-route to Ellis Island.