A different part of the airport

After retirement from ExxonMobil, I spent 10 years as a consultant supporting the project finance industry. My job was to visit energy projects and confirm that the claims made by companies borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars made good technical sense and the the money they said they had spent was realistic and in-line with the progress actually accomplished. This usually required a visit to the construction site - often by helicopter which often took off from a different part of the airport from that used by normal commercial flights. Those parts of the airport can be more interesting!

I photographed this DC-10 from a helicopter departing Abidjan to visit a rig just offshore Cote d'Ivoire. The strange artefacts in the clouds are reflections in the helicopter cabin window. When the photo was taken in October 2012, SX-CVP was listed as being "in storage" at Abidjan. In early 2013 the status was changed to "scrapped". Scrapped seems to be a more truthful assessment of the status of this venerable airframe . . . but it is a sad end to a wonderful airliner.