Vacation gathering

A flock of American Avocet (Recurvirostra americana) during a short stopover at shallow temporary pools caused by heavy Texas spring rains. Taken at the beach at San Luis Pass near Galveston. The birds occupied two large lagoons left by the rain and stayed for about two weeks before moving on.

One of the joys of using a Pentax DSLR camera is the backward comparability with thousands of older lenses including the 30+ year-old manual-focus 300mm f/4.0 that I used for this photo. Until the recent release of the full-frame K1, all Pentax DSLR cameras had a 1.5x crop factor making this lens the equivalent to a 450 mm telephoto on 35mm camera systems. Achieving that magnification with modern optics is beyond the needs of this hobbyist - especially when these birds are kind enough to stand still while I focus!