Tall Ship Ellisa at Pier 21 - Galveston Harbour

The Pentax K5 is a powerful upgrade from the K10D. Resolution is increased to 16.3 MP, but more importantly, low-light sensitivity is dramatically increased and the DSLR now even takes video!. I rarely use the video capabilities but I make regular use of the improved sensitivity when flash photography is not possible (during church services) and the faster continuous shooting (7 fps). Also important for somebody for whom photography is a hobby, the K5 continues backward compatibility with all previous Pentax lenses ensuring that previous investments are not wasted.

The images below are examples of the versatility of this camera. Many are in low light conditions while others are hand-held using long telephoto lenses and rely on the in-camera shake reduction to minimize blur. The K5 has features that I could not imagine when I began taking photographs. The new Pentax K3 continues the improvements to the K5 and is tempting. When is enough, enough?