Texas Oil Jack

Texas Pump-jack(mouseover to see a normal color spectrum)

Upgrading from the Pentax K10D to the more capable K5 consigned the K10 to the closet. Quality lenses maintain their value but old digital camera bodies are like obsolete computers - essentially almost worthless. Rather than let it collect dust, I sent it to be converted for infrared photography by Kolari Vision. I chose the 665 nm filter as this provides enhanced false colours while still producing good black and white conversions.

IR photos offer a different perspective on the scenes around us. Vegetation reflects infrared light. Grass and palm leaves are almost white. Pines are grey. Clear blue skies are the exact opposite. Swapping the red and blue channels of the colour image file produces the false colours with blue skies and yellow/gold vegetation. As with most special effects, a little goes a long way and IR does not complement every subject.

A lot of these images were taken at Heaven on Earth in Missouri City, Tx. This is a wedding venue that was built in the mid 1890s. It is graced by wonderful old oak trees which limit opportunities to photograph the buildings and grounds but are an obvious invitation to vegetation photography the IR spectrum.