Burlington Northern from Galveston

The Pentax K10D has an APS-C sized CCD imager with an effective resolution of 10.2 megapixels. The APS sensor give it an effective 1.5x image magnification which is great for telephoto shots but makes wide-angle images difficult. The Pentax KAF lens mount make the camera compatible with millions of vintage Pentax K-, KA-, KAF- and KAF2 lenses, as well as older screw-mount system lenses with an adapter. The sensor also has a "Shake Reduction system that compensates for camera shake allowing better hand-held images as slower shutter speeds.

I thought long and hard about the choice of DSLR when I upgraded from the Olympus E10. Canon and Nikon were strong contenders but in the end, the availability of all those wonderful old Pentax lenses (not to mention the couple I already had from a previous Pentax ME film system) persuaded me to buy the Pentax K10D. The images below are representative of different places to which I carried the K10.