Inch Abbey - near Downpatrick

With a street price of $900 when it was released in 2000, the Olympus C2100 UZ was not a cheap camera. Also, with only 2MP resolution (1600 x 1200) when 3MP was the current trend, the C2100 UZ was verging on obsolescence from the day it was released. For me, the 2100 UZ's wonderful Canon-made 10X zoom lens with integrated stabilization (shake reduction) made up for all the other shortcomings. With a zoom equivalent of 38-380 mm (f/2.8-3.5) on 35 mm film cameras this lens allowed in-camera cropping making every pixel count. Equally, 1600x1200 resolution allows good quality 5x7 prints and enough pixels to fill any web page or PowerPoint presentation at that time (and most today). This camera accompanied me around the world on business trips. Its images are in may project finance due-diligence reports and for me it rekindled a serious interest in photography.

The images below were all taken in the early 2000s. If many are oil facilities it is a reflection of the amount of my time that was spent away from home visiting projects away from the tourist spots – excluding Paris, of course.)