Changing Camera Technologies

These galleries include images taken over the past 15 years. Technical due diligence and consulting for the oil industry projects allowed me to visit many parts of the world and that is reflected in the variety of locations depicted. The subjects all caught my eye or fired my imagination. However, what the camera actually captured was rarely what I imagined or anticipated. Each of these digital cameras is so capable that there is no point in “blaming the tools”. All weaknesses here are all the fault of the operator.

Olympus C2100 UZ

2MP with 38-380 f/2.8-3.5 stabilized lens produced by Canon.

C2100 UZ Gallery

Olympus E10

4MP 35-140 f/2.0-2.4 with beam splitting prism allowing TTL viewfinder.

E10 Gallery

Pentax K10D

10MP APS DSLR with in-camera shake reduction. Compatible with all K mount lenses.

K10 Gallery

Pentax K5

16.3MP APS sensor. Improved image quality and compatibility with K-mount lenses.

Galveston Harbor

K5 Gallery

Caught in the viewfinder

This website is still under construction. My objective is to develop a space on the web that highlights my interest in photography and is controlled from a single page. I picked a home-page template offered by HTML5 Templates and combined this with gallery pages developed by The Turning Gate (TTG). This lets me create the galleries directly from Lightroom with only minor manual adjustments to keep visual continuity across the site. I have included images from each of the digital cameras I have used from the first 2MP Olympus to the current 16MP Pentax DSLR. Given that most displays are similar to the 1600x1200 dimensions of the original 2MP images it is "amusing" to wonder why so much money is spent on all those megapixels when so very few shots will be printed and really need them.

If you take the time to look through these galleries, please, take a little more time and send me your critiques and thoughts for improvements. Different opinions (even those that are less than complimentary) are always welcome, and I promise to reply to every suggestion. Enjoy!

Ongoing Projects